3 Tips That Will Leave You With a Successful Event

We all know how fast technology is advancing and making our lives easier. Not only is it improving our day-to-day activities but it is also improving our businesses and the way we execute our daily operations.
With technology being more advanced than ever, it is time you take advantage of it, to get ahead of your competitors. Apps, responsive event sites and many other tools allow event professionals to carry out events successfully while saving time and money. To help you get the appropriate hype for your event, we have listed three tips that will make your attendees come back and spread the word about your events.

Tip 1: Take advantage of mobiles! With smartphones penetrating the mobile market, you can connect with people more than ever. Ensure content is comfortably accessible on mobile devices. How? Optimise your site for mobile usage that will increase your traffic by 30%. Online registration systems with a mobile optimised check out processes can be used to sell tickets for your event. A mobile event app can be used to enhance the experience of attendees by providing event agendas and schedules.

Tip 2: Use social networks effectively. Social networks are the new means of communication with your customers and potential target market, as they allow you to build a relationship with customers and collect valuable feedback that can be used to improve your operations and offerings. How? Ask customers to give you feedback; expectations and their opinion of your event, helping you improve event experiences. Turn events into a great marketing tool with social media platforms.

Tip 3: Recommender Systems, how can they help? These systems are used by e-commerce companies to increase product sales, as they recommend products that maybe relevant for the consumer. This can be applied to events and for matchmaking of your attendees on platforms like professional background, your skills and interests; your business contact and they can use this information to recommend other attendees who you should meet. Relevance is important today as the consumer is flooded with information. This system will help you filter the appropriate information to the consumer.

Digital technology provides you with many opportunities and possibilities for events that will enable you to improve your customers’ experiences.

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